with more users doing more on mobile the focus is on great user experience.


  • McLean, VA •
  •   May 9-11, 2013 •
  •   8 AM - 5 PM

Speakers (announced June 10th)

Tom Poole is the Managing Vice President for Mobile and Emerging Channels at Capital One. In this role, he is responsible for developing Capital One’s mobile banking and payments strategy, managing development and launch of mobile applications and the mobile website, and exploring potential for emerging digital channels. Early successes include the launch of several successful mobile applications across all major mobile platforms.

In his prior roles, Tom managed the Capital One No Hassle Rewards program. In this role since December 2007, he took steps to radically simplify the overall rewards program while revamping the web rewards redemption experience. Previously until 2006, Tom led innovation for the US Card Customer Management, developing new programs to drive engagement across Capital Ones 60MM+ cardholder portfolio. Some of his work here included development of the online Customer Card as well as an online capability to swap products, a first across the credit card industry. Prior to joining Capital One, Tom received his MBA from the University of Virginia. Before that, Tom spent 5 years as an IT consultant with Accenture.

Lama Nachman is a senior staff researcher in Intel Labs Interaction and Experience Research. Her current research is focused on creating contextually aware experiences that understand users through sensing and sense making and act on that context to help with many aspects of their lives. Lama has 14 years of experience in the areas of computer architecture, context aware computing, multi-modal adaptive interfaces, embedded systems, wireless technologies and sensor networks. Previous assignments at Intel involved researching and developing the next generation of self-organizing sensor network nodes (Intel Mote Platforms). Lama has pioneered deployments of these technologies in various commercial and industrial settings. Other major achievements include the development and performance evaluation of microarchitecture components for the Itanium® 2 processor family. Prior to joining Intel, Lama has held senior positions at Ubicom Inc, Weave Innovations and Microsoft Corporation. Lama received her MS and BS in computer engineering at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

Francis Macdougall's is a pioneer in the area of touchless gesture control. He co-founded GestureTek in 1986 and was its CTO until its technologies, patents and engineering team were acquired by Qualcomm in June of 2011. Francis holds several fundamental patents in the area of gesture technologies and user interfaces and has licensed these patents to Sony and Microsoft for their use in game console platforms like the Kinect. His team’s software runs on tens of millions of devices worldwide. Francis is now Senior Director, Gesture Technology at Qualcomm and leads the effort to proliferate gesture technologies and user experiences globally on Qualcomm platforms including the Snapdragon chipsets targeting smartphones, tablets and TVs.

Ben has been highly invested in connected experiences since he first ran a bulletin board using his parents phone line in the basement on a 300 baud modem and his Commodore 64. Since then, he has moved on and has been creating compelling user experiences for more than 14 years. His varied professional background has included small start-ups, medium-sized firms, and large enterprise Fortune 500 companies, giving him a unique perspective on how to engage users in any type of environment. Ben is currently a User Experience Lead Manager at Walt Disney Parks and Resorts Online (WDPRO) where he manages a team of User Experience Leads.

Barg is a serial entrepreneur and technologist who has over twenty years of experience in developing software for federal and commercial customers. He specializes in mobile app development, user experience design, Web 2.0 designs, social media, cross-browser development and Agile project management. He has been active in the Agile community since 2002. He has written articles and presented workshops at various conferences. His focus on user experience has lead to numerous awards. Prior to Mobomo, Barg co-founded Intridea Inc., a successful web application development company located in Washington DC. Prior to co-founding Intridea, Barg was the President of Concentric Methods, an Agile Software Development company. He was elected as one of the Top 100 Tech Titans in the DC-metro area by the Washingtonian magazine in 2009. Barg is 2008 alumni of the prestigious MindShare CEO Network, the leading entrepreneur network in the DC-metro area. Barg is also a founding member of NeoDiagnostix Inc, a biomarker-based cancer diagnostic company. Barg graduated from Cornell University with Masters in Electrical Engineering.

Alfonso de la Nuez is a Co-Founder and Co-CEO at UserZoom, Inc.. Prior to starting UserZoom, he worked for Dell Computers, Icon Medialab (pioneer Web Design and Development agencies from Sweden) and Proxicom. He teaches usability and user-centered design in various universities and academic institutes and is a frequent speaker at conferences. Alfonso also co-founded Xperience Consulting which is the market leader in Spain and one of the most experienced web and mobile usability firms in Europe.

Abigail Stephenson is the Manager of Usability at Delta Airlines and sits at the forefront of the redesign of, the overhaul of the self service kiosk, and the launch of Delta’s mobile application, directing all customer experience efforts for each high profile initiative. She has implemented several measurement tools in order to set a baseline for Delta’s products and to immediately identify opportunities to capitalize on an improved customer experience. She thrives and specializes in managing the usability and utility of products and services in a cross-functional group setting.

Canadian born, raised and educated, I took a trip to Sydney to pursue my passion for usability. At the time, the Australians referred to “user experience” as “usability”. I saw this new area of technology as a blooming and exciting opportunity in the Australian market to improve the frustrating and poor experiences provided to consumers of online and the mobile web. Context of use, appropriate design and satisfying a consumer through a great experience is at the front of my mind with any business. My work experiences have challenged me to apply my Computer Science degree learnings, in combination with, my attention for details and convincing arguments to persuade recommended designs. I’ve also had experience with working on innovative projects that push the boundaries of the property management industry and that “Day 1” is declared with business requirements starting to formalize and rapid prototyping brings the business vision to life. Recently, I started up my own business which approaches each problem with a holistic view from the business ideas, brand communications, marketing and design strategy to allowing the consumers to efficiently and easily perform their task(s). This involves considerations of a mobile user experience continuously throughout the business and product life-cycles. Alongside my business, I am applying my user experience expertise within the National Broadband Network organization.

Heather Blanchard serves as the director of Wireless Internet Development for CTIA and focuses on spotting emerging trends in wireless and identifying new initiatives for the association to further mobile Internet adoption. Blanchard’s responsibilities include acting as a liaison among CTIA, its members and technology companies as well as engaging the app developer and app storefront communities.

Cory has functioned as a user experience consultant since 1994. He established Lebsontech LLC ( in 1997, and in 2008, he transformed this side-business into a full-time occupation. Since then, with a staff of three, his core client base has included a number of Federal government, commercial, non-profit, and educational organizations. Lebsontech is focused primarily on UX strategy, user research and associated training.

Cory also greatly enjoys teaching topics related to user experience and technology and conducts monthly seminars. He has been featured on the radio, has published several recent articles on user experience, and is a frequent speaker at local area events and national conferences.

Cory has an MBA focusing in marketing and technology management, as well as an MA in sociology and a BS in psychology. Cory is a current board member and former president of the Washington DC chapter of the User Experience Professionals Association (UXPA) and is on the Board of Directors of UXPA International, as the Director of Strategic Partnerships.

Morgan Reed is a widely known and respected expert on the government impact on technology innovation. As ACT's Executive Director, Morgan specializes in issues involving application development relating to privacy, intellectual property, competition, and small business innovation.

His expertise and knowledge has been sought by the House and Senate in multiple hearings while his commentary and insight is a major draw for news networks including Fox Business News, MSNBC, CNBC, CNN, and ABC. He is consistently quoted in the trade and popular press, ranging from the Wall Street Journal and the Washington Post to Ars Technica and Slashdot.

Morgan has authored and contributed to several white papers dealing with applications development and government, including Crash Course on Open Source and Software Developer's Guide to the DMCA. He was part of the developer team for the Linux Router Project (LEAF), and remains an active Apple and iOS licensed developer.

His recent work has focused on outreach to app developers to help them recognize and respond to concerns about privacy in the mobile marketplace. As Congress and the FTC have devoted considerable efforts to rewrite and update online privacy regulations, Morgan has traveled across the country to speak at developer conferences encouraging app makers to lead self-regulatory efforts by implementing privacy policies and improving transparency.

Morgan was recently appointed to serve on the Advisory Council of mHIMSS, the mobile Health Information Management System Society. mHIMSS serves the health IT community by supporting efforts to embrace and harness the power of mobile health to improve care and control costs. The health care community is seeing dramatic advances in remote care aided by growth in the smartphone and tablet industries.

Morgan has also leveraged ACT's resources to host innovation workshops across the country. Organizing events with venture capitalists, business leaders and attorneys, he helps to foster innovative new technologies by helping new emerging businesses manage their intellectual property. An organization called Innovators Network emerged from these events and is now comprised of more than 2,000 members.

Before coming to Washington, Morgan worked for a Taiwan-based trading company specializing in the manufacture of technology products for the U.S. market. He served as managing director of North American sales, handling bilingual contract negotiation. During his time abroad, Morgan gave lectures in both English and Chinese on various aspects of U.S.-China trade, including building and maintaining long term partnerships in Asia. His expertise on Chinese business practices is regularly sought throughout the administration.

Chris is a Sr. Product manager at Capital One Labs, which operates much like a start-up inside the Fortune 200 company. Chris is responsibilities include full life-cycle product management for mobile and social platforms centered around creating engaging digital experiences utilizing Rewards and Social customization. Specific responsibilities include management of user experience, visual direction, technology, and product pilots.

Saya Behman is a graphic and web designer, digital artist, and an art director who owns Design 4 Future, a small studio in northern VA suburbs of Washington DC. She also runs a Designs for User Experience blog, publishing all new articles, freebies and news for better user experience in mobile, tablet and web. Besides being a fine art artist on side, Saya specializes in creative design, visual communication, and branding. She says "Design can be like an addiction: you start with a small dose, and soon you realize that you need more and more, to a point where you cannot live without it."

Mariya is the Founder and Creative Director of Xanadu, a mobile strategy and design consultancy based in San Francisco. She's been featured by VentureBeat as one of the top executives in mobile and is a regular contributor of articles on mobile and design. Mariya advises early-stage startups and multi-national corporations alike on how to craft delightful and intuitive mobile experiences.

Arthur Agin is a mobile eCommerce leader with experience managing mobile websites, iOS and Android applications for both smartphones and tablets. Currently in charge of over $90M in annual revenue, applications with over 1.8M downloads and a mobile website with over 120M annual pageviews. A strong record of results exists for creating mobile strategies, adapting them to rapidly changing environments and leading cross-functional teams to deliver high customer satisfaction.

Steven Hoober is a mobile strategist, architect and interaction designer whose 4ourth Mobile helps large companies, mobile service providers and startups understand how to exploit mobile technology to meet the needs of their users. He has been doing mobile and multi-channel design since 1999, working on everything from the earliest app stores, to browser design, to pretty much everything but games. Steven wrote the patterns and technical appendices for the book Designing Mobile Interfaces, maintains a repository of mobile design and development information at the 4ourth Mobile Patterns Wiki and publishes a regular column on mobile in UX Matters magazine.

Jeremy is passionate about the future and the breadth of opportunities available for those who are intrepid and willing to adapt. His role at NPR is to help guide through the ever-shifting landscape of emergent mobile technology, especially anything related to HTML5. He leads scrum teams, contributes front-end code, assist in the design process, and helps guide overall strategy. Currently, he is leading their efforts into Responsive Web Design.

Cinnamon has more than 18 years experience in information architecture, user research, and user experience design, and a masters degree in writing and editing. She’s developed and directed large, information-delivery web sites, for the American Nurses Association, Borders, the National Hockey League, and the US Postal Service; intranets and secure sites, for Booz Allen Hamilton and the FBI; and mobile apps, tablet apps, and kiosk installations for a variety of clients, notably Delta Air Lines and the World Wildlife Fund. At AKQA, she helps clients craft their approach, plans and conducts primary user research, and oversees the user experience strategy and direction.

Kevin is a front-end hacker and developer evangelist for Twilio, an API company supporting the web and mobile developers that are changing communications forever. Over about a decade of working on rich client apps, Kevin has helped in small ways to deliver #1 App Store hits for iOS and Android, as well as data-driven enterprise apps for the desktop using web technologies, Apache Flex, and/or Windows Presentation Foundation.

Kevin lives in Saint Paul, MN with his beautiful wife and three devious children.

Sze Wong is the CEO of Zerion Software, Inc., creator of iFormBuilder. Mr. Wong is also the co-organizer of MoDevDC, the biggest mobile developer group in the US. Since 1999, Mr. Wong has designed major mobile systems for companies like Sun MicroSystems, Nextel Communications and Shell Oil. Mr. Wong founded Zerion Software in 2003 and created iFormBuilder in 2008. iFormBuilder is currently being used in over 110 counties and is the fast growing clipboard replacement solution on the market. Solutions created by iFormBuilder has received the Mobilizer Award by Mobile Enterprise in 2011 and 2012. iFormBuilder was the first data collection app to achieve US HIPAA compliance status on the Apple App Store and was selected as one of the "Essential iPhone Apps for Business" by Apple.

Ross is a UX designer and product manager in New York. He has worked as a designer for companies big and small, like R/GA, SapeintNitro, and Forrester Research, and led UX thinking for Nike, Target, and MasteCard. Currently he is the Director of UX for PalTalk, a video chat and communications company reinventing itself in the mobile space.

David is a software engineer with almost 8 years of experience. Currently he is one of the lead mobile developers at Appian. Before that (and every once in a while) he had worked with all manner of Web UX technologies.

Julie Bethke is the design director of social apps at MicroStrategy with over 15 years experience designing and building industry-leading mobile, web and desktop applications, websites, marketing campaigns, and corporate identities for both consumers and the enterprise. Julies'background spans across a broad range of industries including social media, technology, healthcare, marketing, retail and publishing. Focusing on enhancing user experiences, Julie's goal is always to increase engagement, expand customer bases and boost profitability. She thrives in fast-paced, collaborative teams, with a proven ability to manage and motivate teams working on concurrent projects in continually evolving environments.

Tom is charged with leading the successful execution of business strategy through industry-leading digital execution and implementation of its supporting technologies. Prior to joining the company, he was the Director of New Media Technologies for the White House, leading the team to provide a secure, stable, and scalable infrastructure across all White House digital properties, and enabling the amplification of the President’s message.

Samuels has been the Director of Mobile at Discovery Communications since September 2011. He previously worked in mobile product development at The New York Times, as well as in product management at America Online.

Evelyn Huang is the DIrector of Design Thinking and Strategy at Capital One Labs. She is a Lecturer at the Hasso Plattner Institute of Design at Stanford University (the “”). She is immersed in the effort to marry the creative with the analytical; contrary to popular thought, these two are not mutually exclusive. In her prior lives, Evelyn has worked in product management in Silicon Valley startups, directed a microfinance program serving low-income immigrants and refugees, and cut her teeth in private equity. Evelyn studied public policy at Stanford University and holds an MBA from the same institution.

Blake is known for his contributions to e-commerce technology, especially within the realms of computer vision and natural user interface UX. He was lead architect and co-inventor of the DEMOgod winning Webcam Social Shopper, is a Webby award winner, and is co-inventor on e-commerce based U.S. Patent 8,275,590 for virtual dressing rooms. After serving as an Airborne Infantry Sergeant in the U.S. Army, Blake began his software engineering career working on console video games, but quickly moved to the web development realm. Since then he has spoken at several tech conferences, including a keynote address at the 2010 Emerging Communications Conference, has been published in several trade magazines and websites, and was a judge for the 2011 .NET awards. SpotTrot is the sports and entertainment industries’ leading mobile commerce platform, powering mobile friendly stores for many of the world’s most recognized sports organizations, musicians, and entertainment brands. The SpotTrot platform is a fully customizable, plug-and-play solution that allows you to implement your mobile commerce strategy and start generating revenue quickly and easily. SpotTrot supports all smartphone and tablet devices, extending the reach of your merchandise to fans anytime, anywhere. Our technology grows and scales with your market needs as they evolve.

With over 17 years experience in technology consulting and digital media, Yancey has developed software products, social, mobile and communication solutions for both the public and private sector. He is currently a Director at Agilex Technologies Government Services Sector and develops enterprise mobile strategies and programs for public sector clients. Prior to joining Agilex, Yancey held positions at Booz Allen, L-3 Communications, WPP Group and National Geographic.

Mr. Chuka Eze is CTO for Emerging Platforms, where he is responsible for overseeing product design and development. He has developed mobile solutions in the areas of mobile data collection and analytics, election monitoring and crowd sourced citizen reporting. Chuka holds a Bachelor of Science in Management Information Systems from George Mason University and a Masters in Information Technology Commercialization from Northeastern University. He is also a certified Project Management Professional.

Andy Pemberton is a passionate speaker, and author. Andy has spoken at various conferences, user groups, and industry events. Andy has a deep technical background and a passion for the User Experience discipline. Currently, he runs the several of the agile mobile development teams at Capital One.

Chris Buddie is Director of User Experience for POLITICO, ABC7/WJLA, and NewsChannel8 – a major publishing and media trifecta. Chris’ team is responsible for the UX for mobile apps, mobile web, and the websites. A local VA native, Chris graduated from Virginia Tech with degrees in both Wildlife Sciences and Studio Art. Before POLITICO, Chris worked for The Washington Post in addition to several technology firms, advertising agencies, and software companies. Read more of Chris’ bio from the POLITICO staff pages.

Mark Gerl is Director of Mobile Development for POLITICO, ABC7/WJLA, and NewsChannel8/TBD – a major publishing and media trifecta. Mark’s team is responsible for numerous successful mobile apps on three different platforms.

With Computer Science degrees from The University of Michigan and The George Washington University, Mark brings to MoDevTablet over 25 years of customer-facing, cross-platform, commercial software development experience specializing in software architecture and user-interface design. After 15 years as a successful Software Engineer, Architect, and Consultant and the introduction of the Apple iPhone, he turned his passion to smartphone mobile development. Read more of Mark’s bio from the POLITICO staff pages.

Amit is an API Evangelist & Front-end Developer at Mashery, driven by a constant urge to design and build awesome things for the internets. A hackathon junkie, serial Startup Weekender, he is passionate about APIs, beautiful design, elegant code, and all things Apple.

Before joining Mashery, Amit ran Random Loops, a small design studio, specializing in User Interface Design of Websites and iOS apps. By day you can find him at his desk cooking up beautiful code. By night, he loves catching up on the re-runs of Seinfeld. Also, he’s tall and slim.

G. Andrew Duthie, aka devhammer, is a Technical Evangelist for Microsoft’s Mid-Atlantic States district, where he provides support and education for developers working with the Microsoft development platform. In addition to his work with Microsoft, Andrew is the author of several books on ASP.NET and web development, and has spoken at numerous industry conferences from VSLive! and ASP.NET Connections, to Microsoft’s Professional Developer Conference (PDC) and Tech-Ed. Andrew has been participating in the user group community since way back in 1997, when one of his co-workers dragged him out to the Internet Developers User Group in Tyson’s Corner, VA, and he’s been hooked ever since.

Sanjeev is a 20 year veteran of the software industry. For the past 18 years he has been a solution architect with Rational Software, an IBM brand. His current area of expertise includes Mobile Development, DevOps, Agile Transformation and Software Supply Chains. He is a DevOps and Mobile Development Evangelist at IBM. He speaks regularly at conferences and has written several papers. He blogs about at and tweets as well.

"My specialty is in creating teams and processes that blend UX, development, and business into a seamless whole that can execute very quickly. I've been using methods like Design Labs and paired UX/Engineer development for years to build great products at startup speed, whether in a startup or not.

My current focus is on College Board's initiative to fully move to modern web practices like Mobile First design and development, Responsive Design (from scratch or with Bootstrap), JavaScript MVC (currently using Angular.js), and Object Oriented CSS."